Nomadic Escapes

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About us

Nomadic Escapes develops and operates low-impact lodges in areas of outstanding natural beauty where our adventure loving guests can enjoy high quality outdoor sports activities, eat healthy, local food, learn about local cultures and sleep in pods, treehouses and tents.

We believe that our guests want an opportunity to escape from the monotony of urban life, reconnect with nature, learn new skills and meet like-minded people in a beautifully designed, sustainable environment.

Our lodges are wholesome, immersive spaces where local hosts will cater to your needs and help you with your life goals.

We want you to leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and whole.


Nomadic Escapes was born when award winning resort design company, Nomadic Resorts, teamed up with The Passionality Group, who will serve as strategic growth partners identifying suitable owners and developers across the globe.

Both companies had spotted the experiential travel trend evolving in the hospitality landscape early on, and planned on disrupting the status quo. Each group had been formed by like-minded, passionate individuals with a common vision, a taste for adventure and a natural complicity.

It became apparent that each team had complimentary skills – Passionality bought their passion for creating incredible guest experiences, their knowledge of the industry, marketing expertise, decades of operational know-how and their network within the industry.

Nomadic Resorts bought its skills in architecture, interior, and landscape design, as well as its technical expertise in engineering and manufacturing, its network of designers and builders….and a little bit of fairy dust.

Our processes are guided by values, not brand standards.


Nomadic Escapes was created to mitigate the effects of tourism on the planet. We consider the group to be a vehicle for ecological and cultural regeneration. We respect the environmental integrity where we operate and we aspire to support indigenous communities.

We consider ourselves stewards and we aim to leave a positive legacy.

The future of the hospitality industry will depend on its relationship with the environment. We believe that the guest experience is based on the natural capital of the site and the integrity of that capital is critical to the financial sustainability of the company.

The politics of Climate Change mitigation will become increasingly important for the travel industry, and ethical environmental decisions will dictate many consumer choices of future generations.  We aim to cater to their concerns.

Our missions is based on three pillars:

  • Environmental Regeneration
  • Sustainable energy production
  • Responsible waste management

To achieve these goals we will be weaving green building practices into the fabric of our development processes, integrating sustainable practices into our operating procedures and supporting select organizations with similar aspirations.

Nomadic Resorts

Nomadic Resorts is an interdisciplinary design & project development company servicing the hospitality industry since 2011 with offices in the United Kingdom, Mauritius, South Africa and the Netherlands. Using a holistic approach, Nomadic Resorts creates sustainable resort and residential projects that reflect a true sense of place and fit organically into their natural surroundings as we believe that designs should serve as a bridge to connect nature, culture and people.

The Passionality Group

Founded in 2016, The Passionality Group is a strategic growth partner to iconic and emerging hospitality brands who share a genuine passion for authenticity and innovation while exhibiting meaningful potential for growth.


Nomadic Escapes projects are inspired by nature – our projects celebrate biodiversity, compliment the natural features of the sites we build on, and respect the natural forms that surround us.


  • Regenerative

We go beyond conservation – we want our projects to enhance communities, environments and individuals.

  • Inquisitive

We celebrate learning and shared experiences. We want our guests to enrich themselves by gaining insights into local music, culture, cuisine and beliefs.

  • Respectful

We respect the input of our clients, their stakeholders, the community and our fellow partners. We listen to the opinions of all parties involved.

  • Inclusive

We believe in fair shares and we want the local community to benefit from the project from inception through to operation.

  • Wholesome

We aim to nurture our guests in an immersive, holistic environment that supports their personal wellbeing. We want them to be fitter, healthier and happier, longer.

  • Fun

We want our guests, our team and our partners to enjoy themselves; we want to feel free and live in the moment:

Mobilis in mobili – free in a free world


Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the endless knot, one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It is one of the few religious symbols that can found in both Western and Eastern cultures – Jainism and Buddhism in the East and ancient Celtic and Nordic beliefs in the West.

For us it represents the union of Wisdom and Method.