Nomadic Escapes

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Nomadic Escapes is actively looking to expand into new territories across the globe in a thoughtful, sustainable way. We plan to develop satellite experiences for existing resorts who hope to offer their guests new exciting experiences, as well as stand-alone tented lodges focused on specific adventure sports and wellness experiences, off the beaten track.

We are looking for environmentally, sensitive developers and land owners with a strong sense of social responsibility who consider themselves environmental stewards.

We believe in a more sensitive hospitality model that performs on a triple bottom line basis: taking into consideration People, Profit and the Planet.

We have existing projects in Mauritius and multiple projects in the pipeline where investment opportunities are available for companies or private individuals.

If you or your group have access to sites which can offer extraordinary gastronomic, cultural or adventure experiences and would like to join our tribe, we would like to hear from you.


Nomadic Escapes hospitality fund in Mauritius is raising funds for multiple projects on unique sites in diverse geographic locations.
If you or your organization are planning to invest in the following market segments, we would like to hear from you:

  • Sustainable hospitality projects
  • Adventure sports
  • Alternative lodging or luxury camping projects
  • Wellness tourism and Real Estate
  • Land Regeneration and reforestation

Residential Eco-Villas

At one of our forthcoming destinations in Mauritius we have a unique opportunity to join a sustainable, wellness community in one of the most iconic locations in the Indian Ocean. A limited number of exclusive villas are available overlooking the turquoise lagoon on one side, and the rugged volcanic peaks on the other. The site is internationally recognized for kite surfing, scuba diving, and sailing in the Indian Ocean; as well as trail running and mountain biking in the nearby forest reserve.

The project includes an organic farm and extensive permaculture gardens, as well as a music and art studio. The villas have been designed to combine the highest levels of personal comfort, with outstanding environmental performance.

If you are interested in purchasing an eco-villa in a sustainable community focused on outdoor sports, local food, permaculture and holistic wellness, please contact us.