Nomadic Escapes

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Well Being


We want to create immersive, holistic environments, not spas.

For Nomadic Escapes the wellness experience is not reserved to a small corner of the property, wellness is integrated into the DNA of the space through a design process that prioritizes physical and psychological wellbeing – the feel good factor starts on arrival and finishes long after departure.

In many ways wellness is the thread that weaves all elements of the Nomadic Escape concept together – the fusion of our approach to design, food and beverage, community and sports experiences results in individual wellbeing.

Spa spaces will exist for guests to enjoy specific treatments but these spaces will be designed to promote spiritual wellbeing and appreciation without any of the false promises, dogma or constraints associated with traditional spa spaces. The aim will be to offer guests an opportunity to reconnect in an environment that promotes serenity, not to sell them products.

We will collaborate with leading international therapists, holistic practitioners and fitness experts to offer bespoke bootcamps, retreats and workshops to turn your holiday into a transformative experience.



We are not selling room nights, we are selling transformative experiences. We believe in helping people fulfill their personal aspirations and push their boundaries. We believe in adventure and we believe in exploration.