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We are Nomadic Escapes

A net-zero, nature positive, outdoor lodging company
that delivers outstanding guest experiences, supports local economies and regenerates eco-systems.


Our innovative, experiential living spaces, embedded in the landscape, provide guests optimum comfort with minimum impact. Over ten years we have developed a series of tented pods that combine thermal performance, durability, and personal safety with robust modular, structural engineering.


Our holistic therapies are based on timeless wisdom, not ephemeral trends. Water, Oil, Salt and Herbs are the fundamental ingredients in every ancient healing tradition. We celebrate local botanical wealth and the ancestral knowledge of the areas we operate to create a personalized blend of products and amenities tailored to the needs and preferences of our guests.


Our wholesome food and beverage concepts are anchored in local tradition and community: we cook with local produce, served by members of the community in iconic dining environments. We grow our own food, work with local organic farmers, and invite local chefs to serve their authentic specialities in our outlets. We encourage our guests to visit the farms and dine at the restaurants of our local partners.


Nomadic Escapes is anchored in adventure and exploration. In each location we operate, we identify iconic outdoor sports, breathtaking excursions and immersive educational experiences. We select the best guides and curate unforgettable experiences in collaboration with our local partners.


Nomadic Escapes mobile App, Tribe, enables remote check- in, key-less entry and mobile guest services. Tribe includes an on-line marketplace for the procurement of curated local products and services which meet our environmental, social and ethical standards, offering local businesses the opportunity to integrate within our community.