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Our current pipeline focusses on expanding throughout the islands of the Indian Ocean;  offering guests the opportunity to experience the diverse cultures, cuisines and breathtaking landscapes of some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.

The Nomadic Escape Bamboo Mountain

Our first camp will be located on the flanks of Bamboo Mountain, in a hidden valley overlooking the turquoise lagoon of South Eastern Mauritius on one side and the lush endemic forest of the Bambous mountains on the other.

The Nomadic Escape Le Morne

Our second camp will be at the foot of the iconic Le Morne Brabant mountain, a UNESCO cultural heritage site in the South West of Mauritius offering panoramic views out over the Ile aux Benitiers but also hiking and mountain biking on the private estate.

A paradise for kitesufers, the camp provides adventure on land and at sea.

The Nomadic Escape Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is  a hidden gem 560km East of Mauritius. A large fringing reef surrounds the island forming an immense lagoon -an ideal location for kitesurfing, sailing, scuba diving and kayaking. The island has maintained much of its cultural authenticity and offers excellent local cuisine.

The Nomadic Escape Salazie

Reunion Island is something of an anomaly in the Indian Ocean – with fewer beaches and a smaller lagoon, the island’s volcanic interior  rises to over 3000m. Its three mountainous ‘cirques’ and live volcano are a paradise for Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rafting and Canyoning.

The Nomadic Escape Tulear

Madagscar is a prime adventure destination- a biodiversity hotspot, with a rich hsitory  and diverse landscapes.

The Nomadic Escape Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in many ways encapsulates the characeristics of all the other islands. The pearl shaped island offers sublime beaches, spectacular mountains, incredible wildlife and a rich local culture.